Current Loan Rates for June 1, 2020

Home Equity
120 Month Maximum As Low As 5.00%

Auto Loan
New Up To 72 Months As Low As 2.49%

Auto Loan (Used)
1 – 2 Year Old Up To 66 Months As Low As 2.74%
3 – 4 Year Old Up To 60 Months As Low As 3.24%
5 Year Old Up To 48 Months As Low As 4.49%
6 Year Old Up To 42 Months As Low As 5.74%
7+ Year Old Up To 36 Months As Low As 7.74%

Auto loans decrease by .25% for 6 month decrease in months financed up to 12 months
Auto loans increase by .50% for 6 month increase in months financed up to additional 12 months
Auto loans financed at more than 100% LTV has a 0.25% increase in rate for every 5% increase of LTV over 100%

Up To 84 Months As Low As 9.99%

Up To 36 Months As Low As 10.99%


Audio Teller: (405) 272-6100

Lost/Stolen Cards

VISA Debit Card: (700) 000-0000

ATM Cards: (800) 791-2525

1111 North Lee Avenue, #125

Oklahoma City, OK 73103


“They have always taken the time to help me and I have never been rushed when I needed information. They have tried to meet my needs when I needed financial help.”

Carl B. Record

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