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Effective February 1, 2008

The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, applied to your account.

Share Savings Account
Required Minimum balance
$ 5.00
Withdrawals exceeding 3 per quarter
$ 5.00
Special Share Accounts
Required Minimum balance
$ 5.00
Share Draft Account
Plus Account (average monthly balance below $300)
$ 5.00
Savings Certificates (Early withdrawal penalties)
90 day term 30 days dividends
180 day term 30 days dividends
365 day term 60 days dividends
545 day term 90 days dividends
730 day term 90 days dividends
Loan Accounts
Late charge of 20% of interest due, received ten calendar days after payment is due, with minimum loan late fee is $5.00 and maximum loan late fee is $15.00.
Account closure, assessed when Regular Share Savings account closed with 182 days of open date   $ 5.00
Inactive account, assessed monthly to share account when total accounts have not had debit or credit transaction activity (excluding dividends or service charges) for more than 2 years and all deposit balances total less than $500.00   $5.00 over 18 years of age
Copy of statement $2.00 per page
Copy of Share Draft $2.00 per item
Non-Sufficient Funds Transaction $2.00 per transaction
Returned item, charge back $20.00 per item
Deferral Fee/ Accrued interest $10.00
Stop payment of a Certified Check $15.00
Stop payment of Share Draft (per item or in sequence number of order ) $15.00
Check Printing Varies by style
Certified Checks $2.00 per item
Overdraft Transfer $2.00
Cash Check Fee $10.00
VISA Check card or ATM reissue Card $5.00
VISA Check card or ATM reissue PIN $5.00
Balance inquiry at an ATM $1.00
ATM Withdrawal (TransFund Network transactions free) $1.00
Non-Sufficient Funds ATM Withdrawal $20.00 per transaction
Non-Sufficient Funds Check/Debit Card purchase $20.00 per transaction
Manual Update of Account Balance $5.00
Account research or reconciliation
Hourly rate first hour $20.00
Each additional half hour $20.00
Minium charge $20.00
Deposit Verification $15.00 per verification
Account Levy $20.00 per Levy
Account Garnishment $20.00 per garnishment
Bank Wire $15.00 per transaction
American Express Gift Cheque $2.00
Travelers Cheques $0.60 per$100
Travelers Cheques, Cheques for Two $1.00 pe $100
Money orders $0.75 per item
Notary Public N/C
Stale-dated Certified Check $20.00 per item
Duplicate Lien Release $5.00
Address notification change by post office $0.70